Rachael rabbit

Lemon, Pear and Raspberry


  Tangy raspberry with citrus tones from sweet lemon, are complemented with ripe and juicy pear notes. With koolada to round the flavour profile and produce a truly unique e-liquid.  

Orange, Mango and Passionfruit


  Juicy orange, sweet mango and luscious passion fruit; it 's bursting with exotic, tropical goodness! A touch of cool tunes up the flavour to give the ultimate fruity experience.  

Pomegranate, Kiwi and Watermelon


 Exotic kiwi fruit blended with deep, sweet, pomegranate juiciness perfectly balanced with delicate tones of fresh watermelon, with a touch of ice, this flavour is truly special.  

Jack Rabbit Salts

Blueberry Duffin


 Juicy, sweet, fresh blueberries added to a perfect mix of light, fluffy muffin and a sweet doughnut base. The careful balance between desserts and fruits makes this flavour perfect for all vapers.   

Mandarin Cheesecake


 Delicately sweet mandarin provides a zesty element to create the ultimate balance between the creamy vanilla and biscuit cheesecake base. This surprisingly light e liquid is a dessert lovers dream.   



 The profile for this tropical flavour is, fresh, juicy Pineapple that gives a sweet punch on the inhale, with Papaya and Mango followed by a delicate touch of Coconut and Cream to give a tropical blend to allow a taste of summer all year round. 

Banoffee Pie


On the inhale you get the dreamy whipped cream with sweet caramel toffee with a touch of  

fresh banana. Following this, during the exhale the hints of butterscotch compliment the  

buttery biscuit base. 

Raspberry White Cookie


 The profile consists of sweet and tangy raspberries in perfect harmony with freshly baked gooey cookie with dreamy vanilla white chocolate chips. Blended to create an all time favourite dessert vape.